Sanitary Latrine: María Candelaria Vicente

Maria, her husband and their four children Blanca (21) Jonathan(17) Ricardo (7) and Josue (4) live in the department of Solola. They’ve lived in their current home for 7 years and recently received a Habitat latrine built by volunteers.

Maria and the families of her two brothers all share the same land, “we all shared the same land for the three families and only had one latrine for all of us.” The construction of Maria’s latrine right beside the existing one means that the families now have two toilets to share between them.

“It’s a great improvement” says Maria, “sometimes I wanted to go to the bathroom but could not if 2 or 3 people were waiting before me.”

Maria remembers well her experience with the volunteers, “we interacted well, we’re grateful to them because they came to build this bathroom with us. And I’m happy as well that they came to be with us.” “Now we feel happy” she says, “I’m glad we met and hope you will come back and visit us!”