Sanitary Latrine: Anastacia Leja Sontay

We visited Anastacia with our Habitat promoter, Gabriel, who translated with Anastacia in Kaquichel about her newly built Habitat latrine. Anastacia and her family received their new Habitat latrine and shared with us the difference that this new addition has made to their home life.

The family has made changes since the construction. “We’ve painted the outside of the latrine and added a light inside so we can use it easily at night.” The new latrine is shared by the whole family on the plot of family land, and between 3 houses, they all share the single latrine. “Maltoix” she says, “I don’t speak much Spanish but thank you for the help that you gave and for coming to build our latrine,” says Anastacia.

She remembers the group very well and says though it was hard to communicate, she shared “ I am very grateful that a group came to my home to offer help to my family, it was so important to me.”