Roselia López Family

Doña Roselia is proud of the newly constructed home Habitat built for her. She and her husband are guardians to their grandchildren, Manuel (21), Sonia (15) and Jose Manuel (14). Two years ago, the family traveled one hour each way to their current city of Parramos where their grandchildren went go to school.

The family rented and lived in a house much closer to the town for the following year before deciding to build their own house. Their reasons were security and safety. They had lived in an unsafe part of Guatemala’s capital city and decided to move to Parramos. Once they were there, Doña Roselia and her husband wanted to leave their grandchildren with a secure place to live should anything happen to either of them as they age. “And thanks to God, we have a good roof over our heads. What we have now, is our own.” “Here I own my land – thanks to Habitat for opening the doors for our home because here I don’t have to leave, I don’t have to rent. I have my own home.”

When asked about the volunteers Doña Roselia shares, “it was such a happy moment that they came to help us.” “They gave us a very good experience. I care about them and they care about us. They were very hardworking and were very loving—very good people, all of them” Roselia shares.

Roselia also sends her heartfelt thanks, “I send my blessings that if you want to come, the doors to our home are open to you.”