Rain Water Harvesting System Project in Huehuetenango

This project started as a way to support the residents of the village of Chichim, in the municipality of Todos los Santos Cuchumatán, Huehuetenango, who are facing extreme poverty and lacking of basic services.

The community mainly dedicates to potato and corn harvesting as a way to earn a living. Previously, Habitat Guatemala worked on other projects with them such as: sanitary latrines and various educational trainings regarding Healthy Homes and Financial Savings.  These type of interventions are only a few of the ways that Habitat Guatemala seeks to encourage families to make steps towards sustainable self development.

With the rain water harvesting project we have served 48 families. Now, these families can have access to water at any time, since it is a vital element for them in their daily life. Furthermore, families now have access to safe drinking water because they have been provided with a Habitat for Humanity Guatemala water filter. This specific project was made possible due to the “sweat equity” and financial contribution of the beneficiary families. Residents of Chichim paid for approximately 60% of the total cost, provided local materials, and donated their time and unskilled labor for the installation of the system. Habitat Guatemala believes that because the families are invested in projects like that of the rain water harvesting system in Chichim, they will care for their products which will ultimately improve their quality of life and ensure the safety of their crops.