Petronila Nimajay – Hybrid House – Church of Bend

Petronila (25) is doing laundry in the new pila (water station) when we arrive at her new Hybrid House in the hidden village of Chuacruz Pujujil, Sololá. Her husband Antonio (27) and children Blanca, Emerson and Osvald greet us with smiles on their faces: Seqar!“ – Welcome!. The fourth child of the family sleeps in a cloth on Petronila’s back. 

“We are very happy and grateful to have this very nice house. Before, we lived in the mud house next door with my parents.” – Petronila recounts – “It was cramped and dark.” 

The new house is bright and protects the family from wind and rain. “Now we have enough space! It makes our life much easier!” – Antonio, tells us. With the house they also received a Healthy Home Kit including a water filter, a smokeless stove and a latrine . 

“Thank you again for this support, God bless you. Our life has improved a lot. Cooking is easier now and the children are no longer in danger of getting burnt from the fire. We can also use water more sparingly!”. As in many remote areas, people have to fetch water from a distant source. 

“Chuaqchic” – Goodbye ; everyone waves to us as we are about to leave her new home.