The Pablo and Fernanda Family

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Family members: Pablo, Fernanda, 6-year-old Daniel, and 5-year-old Javier. For each of them, the house means something slightly different.

For Fernanda, it’s a source of privacy.

“We lived in the middle of the city [of Rabinal] with my parents,” says Fernanda. “But we didn’t fit.”

Indeed, they were sharing tight quarters in Fernanda’s mother’s home, and they wanted their own place, especially with two growing boys. However, getting their own place proved more difficult than they expected, and they were only able to do so after years of saving.

“More than anything now,” says Fernanda, “we have privacy.” Sharing a space with her parents was nothing easy. Now that she’s in her own house, she’s content.

“We wanted to make ourselves independent now that we are are family,” she says.

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For Pablo, it’s a source of pride.

Pablo sits down to chat and his boys sit next to him attentively. As he is the family’s main source of income, Pablo knows how much his family depends on him. To be able to provide them with a comfortable home and a secure roof is priceless. Pablo doesn’t take it for granted; he knows just how hard he has worked for that home. “We are happy here,” he says. “It’s finally our own place. Nobody has control over us.”

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For the boys, it’s just awesome.

Currently, one room of the home is any 5- or 6-year-old’s dream: play place. They have their bicycles, desks, and all their toys in the second room. It might not be a play room for long, but for now the boys are loving it. They especially love playing with tops, wrapping a string delicately around the top’s coned tip, and yanking the strings at the same time to see whose top lasts the longest.

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“We appreciate the support,” says Pablo. “Thanks to everyone and the [Habitat] Foundation as well. We are in our new home and we are happy. If you want to come back, we are here with open arms. Come back soon!”

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