Oscar González Family

Oscar his wife, Jessica and their 3 children, Fatima(8), Sebastian(4) and Leo Fernando(2) live in the town of Rincón de Jesús, Baja Verapaz. Oscar is a security guard and Jessica is a homemaker.  Prior to building their Habitat home, the family lived in the countryside and wanted a house closer to town to get their daughter Fatima to school more easily. “Here it’s only 15 minutes to the center of town. Even the most basic necessity, if she needs it for an assignment, we can get it and don’t spend time or money on transportation” says Oscar.

There are lots of things the family enjoys about the house, “we have a great space, especially for the kids to live and play and have 4 rooms for each of them and for us.”  The family’s prior house was made of adobe and when it rained, the floor inside their house turned to mud because it lacked proper flooring and the roof leaked often. “Having this house has helped us a lot, it’s been a great benefit.” says Oscar. It’s also a change in environment. In our old house, we were surrounded by pure nature, with lots of fresh air, but here we are surrounded by more people and have a better quality of life.”

When asked about the volunteers, Oscar remembers and sends greetings to the whole group. “It was a great help and the kids had a lot of fun with them.” More than anything, thank you for the help you came to give my family because it has helped us a lot.”