María Rosario patzan – foley – john dubois

María lives with her husband, Cerafino, and four children, Sara (7), María (6), Evelyn (1) and baby Jonathan (6 months), in a small community called el Rajón, Sumpango, Chimaltenango. María takes care of the home, while Ramiro works in the fields.

Before partnering up with Habitat Guatemala to receive a Smokeless Stove, María used to cook on an open flame stove on the floor. “Before, the smoke made my eyes cry, and it was very uncomfortable,” says María. She feels really happy with her new stove; “I feel happy with my new stove! It lights up quickly and I can cook all my meals at once. It saves wood too,” she continues, ” my favorite dish to cook here is beans and occasionally chicken.”

About the day of construction, María recalls; “We all had a good time while working together.”  – She finishes by sharing a message to the volunteers: “Thank you all for coming to my home and building our stove. I feel very happy to cook on a better space now.”