María Concepción Imul – Family Gardens Project

María lives with her husband, Diego and their three children,  Rosy (15), Juan Miguel (8), and Juana (5) in the community of Calanté, Uspantán. Diego works in the city hall, while María takes care of the children, and she is also very involved in the community garden and the greenhouse.

María is part of Habitat Guatemala’s Family Gardens Project that started five years ago in the community. Now, she proudly talks about the community garden, which is filled with a variety of different vegetables. María shares how their lives have changed and their nutrition has improved.

“Before being a part of this project, our children did not receive enough food to keep them nourished. Since we started our family garden, we now have more variety and their health has improved.”

When asked about what they would like to harvest in the greenhouse, María answers: ““With the greenhouse we are going to improve even more, because we are going to be able to grow tomatoes and sweet pepper. Our community is very cold. I have tried to harvest tomatoes and peppers before, but the cold weather did not allow for them to grow.  With the green house, we will no longer have to buy these products.” She continues, “We are going to improve our health, by harvesting more vegetables and without any chemicals, everything is organic. We are happy to be a part of this project”

To the donors, International Seeds Program, María would like to express, “Thank you for your support, for supporting our community that needs it very much!”