Luis Ernesto Marroquín – Lakeshore School

Luis Marroquín, his wife, Ingrid and her two children, Daniela (12) and Sofía (7), are now living in their new Habitat home in Chimaltenango. Luis works in Guatemala city as a delivery man.

When we visited the family, Luis was working in Guatemala City, so they could not be present, but his brother in law Luis welcomed us to chat.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, the family had been renting for over 15 years. After learning Habitat Guatemala’s programs through a relative that owns a Habitat house, they decided it was time to invest in something for their own, a place for their girls to grow up.

When asked how they feel with their new home, Luis answers, “My sister and her family are feeling really happy and content, a fulfilled dream, they know they are paying for something that belongs to them,” he continues, “They are planning to add tiles to the floor and furnished the whole house.”

When asked about the time shared with the volunteers Luis recalls, “We had a good time, all the volunteers worked really hard. They were kind too.”

He finishes by sharing a message to the volunteers: “Thank you all for being a part of the construction of this home! May God bless you, not everybody has that calling of helping others, but you did!”