Karina Marroquín – Dayton Eartly College – Alexander Wade

Karina, her husband, Onasduan, and their two children, Brandon (4), and Dylan (2), are now living in their new Habitat home in Chimaltenango. Onasduan works as an attourney, while María takes care of the house chores and owns an Ice cream shop.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, Karina mentions that they used to live in an house that belong her mother-in-law, “that house was really small, my boys got desperate, because there was not enough space for them to play,” she continues, “that is why we started looking for land to build a bigger house for them to grow up.” Karina explains that they learned about Habitat Guatemala’s programs through a friend. After doing some research, they decided it was time to invest in a space of their own.

When asked how they feel with their new home, Karina smiles and answers, “We feel happy, happy to have more space, now they boys can play and do what they want,” she continues, “In the future we would like to fence around, also finish furnishing.”

Karina says that what they enjoy the most of the house as a family is, “our children love to run, in here they have enough space to do so! When my husband comes back from work, we all start playing and running around,” she continues, “it has made a big difference now that we are living here, it is safer too.”

When asked about the time shared with the volunteers Karina recalls, “At the beginning we were very surprised to see how hard they worked. They helped us made a big progress!,” she continues, “Thank you all for your support! Thank you for your good will of coming to help us. May God bless you, we will always remember you.”