Hugo Yuman Family

Hugo Yuman and his wife, Mayda, live in their new Habitat house in Chimaltenango with their two young sons, Jefferson (14) and Andrew (7). Hugo had learned about the low-interest loans that Habitat for Humanity Guatemala offers qualifying families on an advertisement four years ago, but in that time he and his wife did not have the resources to build.  Years passed by and they were able to buy a piece of land that allowed them to finally build a place to call their own!

The Yuman family used to live in a relative’s house that was in poor condition. It had a leaky roof, walls without cement plaster, and it was too small for the whole family.

“I feel really happy and satisfied, my children are also happy. The house looks large, it’s organized and feels fresh, there is not too much heat or cold,” says Hugo. In the future, they are planning to add a garden outside and ceramic tiles to the bathroom.

Hugo explains: “As a family we now enjoy eating and watching TV together.” He continues: “ I was very surprised with the work of the volunteers that came, they had a lot of energy, enthusiasm and dedication.”

“I am forever grateful with the volunteers, they helped us fulfill the dream of having our own house. May God bless them and their children. Here, you have the doors open whenever you want to come again,” says Hugo, in a message to the volunteers.