Cesar Yuman Family

Cesar Yuman and his mother Marielena are happily living in their new Habitat home.  After renting a small house for more than eight years, they wanted to have a place of their own.“We know we are making a monthly mortgage payment, but now it is for our own house,” says Marielena.

Cesar and his brother Hugo learned about Habitat Guatemala several years ago, but did not have land to build on.  Time passed by, and when they had the opportunity to buy a piece of land, they decided to build their houses together.

Marielena expresses: “I feel really happy with this house, I sometimes look at it and wonder if it is real, if it is really ours.” In the future, they are planning on painting all the walls and adding a concrete fence in the backyard.

“All the volunteers were really kind, they all have a great heart,” Marielena continues: “May God bless you all and your families for the great job you did! we are very happy with our house.”