Healthy Home Kit: Tania Castro

Tania (24) her husband Andrés (29), and their baby Dylan (1) live in the outskirts of San Pedro las Huertas.  Andres finds part time jobs when available and Tania is a hair stylist.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, Tania used to cook over an open flame, which caused her to suffer from eye irritation and respiratory disease. “Thank God I did not suffer from any burn, but I was scared that my baby would,” says Tania.

As part of the Healthy Home Kit, the family also received a sanitary latrine and a water filter, because they did not have access to proper sanitation nor safe drinking water. “A while ago, we suffered from a fire, and our home was destroyed. Another organization came and helped us build this new house. Now, we have received these products that are a big help too,” explains Tania.

To the team that made this project possible, Tania wants to say; “Thank you all, as I explained before it has been a big help. May God bless you all and multiply all of your help.”