Healthy Home Kit: Paula Xoc

Paula lives with her husband Martín and their 3 children,  Rigoberto (16),  Elvis (13) and Carla (9) in a small community in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala. While Martín works in agriculture, Paula waves traditional clothing and takes care of the children.

As part of our Healthy Home Kit, families receive a smokeless stove, a sanitary latrine and a water filter, these products help them improve their health by giving them adequate access to proper sanitation, potable water and a smoke free environment.

Paula shares how implementing a smokeless stove has improved aspects of her family’s daily life: “My new stove is pretty and very useful. There is no more smoke inside my kitchen and my children are not getting sick anymore!” she continues; “I used to cook over an open flame, the smoke gave me headaches and caused my children to get sick.”

Previously, Paola and her family had and old latrine that was in poor conditions. “Our new latrines is prettier!” María exclaims. “It is cleaner, I wash it, it is more private too.”

Regarding their water filter, Paula explains that they used to drink water directly from the sink and save it in pots and pans, but it became more contaminated. “Sometimes I did boil the water, but my children did not like the flavor, which is why they got sick,” she continues; “now they can drink it from the filter and have no problems. No more stomach-aches nor vomits or diarrhea. We are content with all of our products.”

She finishes by sharing a message to the donors; “I am very grateful to you for the support in constructing my products.”