Healthy Home Kit: Paula Jochola

Paula and her family of five including her husband Jose and their 3 children Alan (15), Odilia (13) and Jafet (2) live in s small village in Solola.

The family received a Habitat Healthy Home Kit which included a water filter, a new sanitary latrine and a smokeless stove. When asked about the water filter, “the water tastes much better” says Paula. The family also received a latrine, and Paula shares that she is content, “it is the same style as the old one— but it is the stove that has made the largest difference,” she says.

Before their current stove, “we had a little stove with a grill, everything about it was very small. I could only cook my lunch, nothing else.” “Now everything cooks much faster because the new stove, is large.” “Now I can start dinner while I make my lunch… tortillas, anything I make, I know it cooks in less time,” she says.  When asked her favorite thing to prepare, “chicken, when I season it and fry it” she responds.

To the group of volunteers, Paula sends her thanks, “we are very grateful to you, I enjoy these things that I have and especially my stove.”