Healthy Home Kit: Floridalma Tuy Pérez

Floridalma, her husband, Armando and their children, Eder (20), Emerson (18), Candelaria (16), Sandy (14) and Junior Wilfredo (10) have lived for 26 years in their current house. They recently received a Habitat Healthy Home Kit.

The kit includes a water filter, a smokeless stove and a latrine for the family. Prior to her Habitat stove, Floridalma cooked on a small stove. “There was a lot of smoke and it caused a lot of coughing” Floridama says of the effect of the smoke from her old stove to her body. With this stove, “it saves wood, it saves time, the food cooks more quickly because this stove is much larger. Now while I make my tortillas, I can put the majority of my other food to cook as well,” says Floridalma. When asked her favorite thing to cook, Floridalma says, “the thing I cook most are vegetables.

She also shares about the water filter. “There is a lot of difference. This is the only water we drink and the taste is different.” “How so?” we asked, “I think the taste is better and this water is much cooler,” she says. Of the family’s new latrine, Floridalma says “it is in the same place as the other one but this one is brand new.”

Floridalma remembers well the volunteers and the experience of building together. “I liked their way of being, they were very kind” she said. To the group she specifically sends this message, “I’m very grateful for all that you helped me with because here I lacked plenty. I’m grateful to you.”