Healthy Home Kit: Margarita Bala

Margarita Bala and her two children, 9-year-old Selama and 5-year-old Gali, in the department of Sololá, Guatemala. When she learned about Habitat for Humanity Guatemala from her neighbor, she decided that investing in a Healthy Home Kit would be a good option for her family. 

“I shared a stove with my mother before. I am happy with the stove I have now. I like that it uses less wood, heats up quickly, and doesn’t fill the kitchen with smoke.”, Margarita explains.

She continues: “Now it is only the three of us use the new latrine; before we shared a latrine with 6 other family members. This one is cleaner and more comfortable because it is new and we are using it properly. And my children also get sick less often because now we have access to purified water.”

“We were happy to have the volunteers! We all spent time with them and ate lunch in the front yard.”, Margarita finishes.