Smokeless Stove: Juana Yax

Juana, Santos, their daughter Maria Estella (8) and Juana’s father, Cristobal live in rural Solola.

The family’s kitchen is a small room opposite the house and living space. Here, the family’s kittens like to congregate and enjoy the warmth radiating from the family’s newly built Habitat stove. Santos shared with us, “it works very well, it heats very well and saves wood. We use two or three pieces now and before we used much more.”

The family of four expressed their sincere gratitude for their stove saying, “Thank you all for the team that came and worked, we are very grateful to you all. We use the stove and remember the time we had working with you.” Santos smiles after saying this and adds, “I send my hellos, we are so grateful to you for coming and for you being here with us.”