Giovany Conrado del Valle Family

Eloisa, her husband Giovani and their 3 sons, Giovani (16) Kevin (12) and Danny (6) live in a small town in Solola.

“Conrado works on the farm and I give the food to all the people who work there,” says Eloisa. The couple work on a commercial coffee farm while the three boys are in school. “Before we lived on the farm where everyone works and we had a house that the farm provides, but it was not our own and it was small. The old house had only two rooms, the kitchen and one bedroom where we slept.”

With the family’s Habitat home, Eloisa notes the difference, “Now I feel good and what we have now is something of our own. Here my children are happy because there’s more space, we have a kitchen, dining room, and more than one bedroom,” says Eloisa.

When asked what plans she has for her home, Eloisa says, “For now, everything is still so new! I have plans to do simple things, plans to make a garden and plant flowers or trees.” The family also plan to bring her son’s dog and the family’s cat to live in the new house in a few months’ time.

It was the group of volunteers that left quite an impression on Eloisa, when asked about the group she says, “I still have photos of them! They played with my sons and we interacted very well with them. I just want to them to know I’m grateful for all of them.”