Healthy Home Kit: Delia Marina Sequec

Delia, her husband Rogelio and her children, Edwina (16), Elvis (14), Sulmi (11), Melvin (9), Neriho (7) and Reina (2) in Solola. Delia is a homemaker, and Rogelio works in agriculture.

The family have lived in the current home for 10 years. Prior to their Habitat stove, “we had a stove that we propped up with rocks” the old stove is nearby and broken. “I love to make hot coffee, tortillas and prepare my daily meals with it,” says Delia.

The family also has a Habitat latrine. “Now we have our bathroom and we can go there and still have privacy. “When the kids were young, my husband created a latrine out of dried corn stalks, but after time, they started to fall, and he works so hard, it continued to fall apart over the years and we needed a new one after so many years. This was is much better because it has walls and a roof,” says Delia.

Delia is pleased with her healthy home kit, but her greatest impression was with the group of volunteers, she shares: “Thanks to God that they came to work with me. They were very kind, smiling and caring people. They cared a lot for my children, and my children felt very close to them. When the day came, I thought it would only be the builder coming to help and I thought it would take a lot of time.  To see such a group come unexpectedly show up was such a great help! They came and attended to building my stove, the latrine and it was done so quickly! I was very happy this day having them here.”

Thanks to you all, the work ended quickly, I was very happy passing this day together and send a lot of my love and greetings to everyone who came. Even now, my kids remember your names and ask for you. Thank you that you came to do this for us. We are very grateful.”