Healthy Home Kit: Carmen Lucía Olayo

Doña Carmen, lives with her husband José, and their two children, Selvin (16) and Wendy (12), in a small house in the outskirts of San Pedro las Huertas, Sacatepéquez. José works as a taxi driver in Guatemala City while Carmen owns a small tortilla shop in their home.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, Carmen used to cook over an open flame (where she used to prepare the tortillas she sold) and did not have access to proper sanitation or safe drinking water.

“When a friend came to my house and told me about this project, I was very excited, because I have been wanting my stove and proper sanitation for a long time!” says Carmen.  When asked about how she feels with her new stove Carmen answers: “I feel very happy,” she explains that her tortilla business is now growing thanks to her new stove.

As part of the Healthy Home Kit, the family also received a sanitary latrine and a water filter. Before receiving their latrine, the family did not have adequate sanitation and therefore had the need to practice open defecation.  “This solution has made a big change in their lives, Carmen explains: “For me this latrine means a lot, it was a big help.”

Regarding the water filter, she says, “The water filter has helped us stop getting sick. Before we drank contaminated water that made us sick and it was dirty because of the dust too,” she continues, “now it is pure and clean.”

To the team that made this project possible doña Carmen wants to say;  “I am very thankful to all who have helped us. I feel really happy with my kit! I invite you to continue with your support to all the people in need.”