Habitat Guatemala Goes International

In late March, Habitat for Humanity Guatemala participated in the Habitat for Humanity International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. For the first time since 2001, over 2,500 attendees from 1,000 USA affiliates and 50 global affiliates regrouped for a week of learning and engagement. Habitat Guatemala’s Executive Director, Victor Martinez, Board President Renaud Cuchet, and Director of International Resources and Development, Steven Cook, all attended.

The week presented several learning and brainstorming opportunities. Habitat Guatemala worked with colleagues to develop new strategies for finding passionate partners that hope to positively impact lives with sustainable housing solutions. Additionally, we discussed our unique role with Solid Ground, a global advocacy campaign that works with Habitat for Humanity International to provide secure land tenure across the globe.

There were several other exciting moments from the week. We had the chance to hear former President Jimmy Carter speak. At ninety-two years old, President Carter remains involved with Habitat for Humanity.

Lastly, Habitat Guatemala reconnected with partners from all over North and South America. The meeting felt like one, big family reunion. On Wednesday evening of the conference, we dined with over 30 friends from 15 affiliates in the states and invited them to join us for the Spring 2018 building of Habitat Guatemala’s 100,000th Housing Solution. In addition to meeting with old friends, Habitat Guatemala made new many friends who are passionate about serving others in need of housing solutions. Overall, we enjoyed a highly successful week in Atlanta. We have since returned home more energized and excited in our task to serve Guatemalan families.

Did you want to meet up with us, but didn’t get the chance? We would still love to hear from you! Please send your questions or comments to Steven Cook at donor@habitatguate.org.