The Mazariegos Terete Family

Stepping into Astrid’s lovely home, you are welcomed by a picturesque room filled with a colorful harmony of art and nature. A glass tank filled with turtles will make anyone smile right away.

Having worked at a bank for many years before, Astrid, a mother of three was slightly reluctant to approach Habitat for Humanity Guatemala. She knew firsthand how much it would take to apply for a new home through the bank. Her family was living in a small room at her parent’s house but, naturally, she grew weary of this situation, as her brothers’ families were also staying there.  Living in such a crowded home was affecting her children’s education because it didn’t allow any space for them to study or play.

On a Sunday evening, Astrid went to the Habitat Guatemala affiliate office in Chimaltenango to get the inside scoop. To her surprise, she discovered that the plans were simple, easy to access, and also affordable. That same week, she decided to apply, and a month later the construction of her new home began. In November 2016, only three short months later she applied, Astrid’s family moved into their new home, where she immediately felt at peace. After two years of working on her own without a steady job she managed to establish herself for the future of her children. With great satisfaction, she says, “For two long years, I asked my children to help me by praying for a new home every day.” Now, her children are free to play and have the proper space to study. Not only that, but she is also able to focus on her own art and work projects.

Astrid plans to put up a fence around the yard so that her children can have a safe place to play, as well as eventually add rooms for each of her children.

And to the team that came down Astrid says, “Thank you for taking time off your professions and providing the means to build our home.” She couldn’t believe that a team of highly trained doctors and lawyers would come down and work so hard with their hands. She will forever be grateful.