Celeste Tzorín – Cement 4

Celeste’s Sololá home is painted a beautiful white that matches her happiness and that of her family. She and her family moved into their new home a few months ago and they are happy to be settled and stable. 

Celeste’s home is located on a property that belonged to their family for several years, and after renting for over five years they decided it was time to start building a house for their own through Habitat Guatemala.  “Having a house of our own was a dream that seamed too far to achieve, due to financial situations and other expenses that we went through but thanks to God we had the opportunity to build it, when the process started we were very exited to see it, it was like a party for our family!” Celeste mentions.

“We feel blessed, now we have our own space, we are safe here and feel very blessed. Everyone has its own room”, mentions Celeste. The new safer home, has improved their quality of life for Celeste and her family. Now, they do not have to spend more money renting a property while they are investing in their own house. 

The Tzorín family is a very united family. Together they have overcome many obstacles presented to them and during the COVID19 Pandemic they were facing different obstacles, but having a roof of their own was one less problem to worry about. When asked what is her favorite part of the house, she answers: “I like everything in my house, I feel satisfied with it, everytime I welcome my relatives they compliment the house and say it is very pretty. So yes, I feel very happy with it”. In the future, the family is planning to plastering the walls and add a second level.

Celeste’s house is built next to her mom’s house, Pantaleona. They built both houses at the same time! “My mom had always dreamed of building his own house too, so we decided it was a good idea to build our houses together and support each other”. Now, both of them have two beautiful houses and a safe space for their family!

When she talks about the volunteers who spent a week working on her home, she remembers that they assisted by transporting the materials to the building site, they were very active and joyful! –her house is set back from the road–and she has a message to share, too.”We want to thank all the volunteers for their support in building our houses. We keep very nice memories of them! They were part of this dream and now it is a reality.  May God bless you and your families. Now they can see their effort, sweat and support represented in the finished houses.”