Bayron Xitumul Family

Bayron Eliseo, his wife, Yolanda and their two children Candice (13) and Christian (9) live in the town of Rabinal, Baja verapaz. For 12 years, they lived in the former house and wanted a new home. Their former house was made of adobe, and was not well built.

The couple is happy to have something of their own and have been in their new Habitat home for 3 months now. “We found Habitat when a man came to volunteer here named Hector and was working. “He told me that he was associated with Habitat and shared with me about the organizations services.” says Bayron.

For Yolanda, her favorite part of the house is:  “todo, everything in this new house is my favorite.” Bayron agrees, “it is the ample space that we have here that I like most about this house, because the other house was so small,” she continues,  “with the new house we feel more at home.” As for plans in the future, the couple plans to paint and face the house. 

Of the volunteers, the couple had this to share: “they were helpful and I enjoyed that they came to work with and to help us,” says Bayron, “I was at work most of the days while Yolanda was with them group. Bayron works as a carpenter and Yolanda creates and decorates ceramic pottery from home, which gives her more flexibility during the days time.

To the group, the couple says, “thank you for coming and working with us, we know you came from far and are so grateful that you came to be of help to us. Even the builders were sad when you left and so were we. Now we have this house and we hope that you will come back and see us again. It was a great experience to be involved in the construction,” says Yolanda, “and now the end result is our own, beautiful, new home!”