Alejandra Perón Family

Alejandra and Alexander live with their two children Dio (7) and Kimberly (3) in the town of Colonia Santa Isabel, Chimaltenango. They shared that prior to building their house through Habitat, “we lived in a house with 3 families; twelve people in total.” “There, we were in small spaces and we couldn’t do what we wanted because the house wasn’t our own.” With the new change that the new home has brought the children now have a bedroom and as husband and wife, Alejandra and Alexander have a room of their own. “Here we can do what we want, the children have space to run around–we feel very happy with the house.

When asked about any changes they’d like to make to the house the couple shared, “having this house has made us dream–we’d love to add a second storey, add a wall around the house and start a garden but for now, we’re content.”

To the group of volunteers who came, Alejandra and Alexander remarked, “we could not have done this so quickly without them. The process was fast, two months in total, but their visit made things go faster. Thanks for your help to our family”.