#MyHabitatExperience – Mario Joaquín López

I’m an architect and researcher with a speciality in Regional Planning. I’m passionate about promoting a more equal habitat that is suitable for symbiotic interaction with the environment. I currently work as a Special Projects Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity Guatemala.

Why Habitat Guatemala?

Habitat Guatemala is an organization that has diversified its work to go beyond social financing. I find that Habitat’s work focuses in the principle of global communities, committed to mitigating issues with different actions such as the multi-dimensional impacts of poverty in a country like Guatemala. Furthermore, it is an organization that acts responsibly within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Your Habitat Experience:

I began my career with Habitat in 2012, right after the devastating earthquake that happened in San Marcos. I was a witness of the commitment of the organization to assist families that lost everything. During my first two years with Habitat, I was involved in the construction of homes. During the last three years, I’ve dedicated my time to the development of projects that promote communal well-being, reduce disaster risk and have defended social housing and their importance when developing land-use policies.

What do you like the most about your position?

Working at Habitat Guatemala represents a learning opportunity for both my personal and professional development, allowing me to promote advocacy on different scales. From the particularity of a home built with social financing to support in the development and well-being of entire communities as well as benefiting cities with the elaboration of land policies, I feel that my work is diverse. Lastly, my work continuously links me to the field, allowing me to meet Habitat’s partner families which inspires me to continue working for their benefit.


Vulnerable Families Fund – Florinda Morales Family


Florinda Morales lives with her husband Genaro, and five children, in Xejuyú, San Andrés Semetabaj, Sololá.

Florinda suffers from end stage terminal cervical cancer. Genaro works as a farmer, and his wages are currently the family’s only income seeing that one of their eldest children lost his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their eldest daughter, who is 17, is currently attending school, but has plans to stop studying and find a job to help support her family.  One of their children suffers from epilepsy.

This family is living in poor conditions which have worsened because of the pandemic.  One of Florinda’s dreams is to spend the last days of life in a better place.  Their house is made out of adobe blocks and dirt floors.

Due to their current situation, Habitat Guatemala, through its Vulnerable Famillies Fund, is planning to support the family by providing them with a Healthy Home Kit and concrete flooring for their home.

We ask that you consider supporting the cause as well. Join us in building a better Guatemala!