Hugo Yuman Family

Hugo Yuman and his wife, Mayda, live in their new Habitat house in Chimaltenango with their two young sons, Jefferson (14) and Andrew (7). Hugo had learned about the low-interest loans that Habitat for Humanity Guatemala offers qualifying families on an advertisement four years ago, but in that time he and his wife did not have the resources to build.  Years passed by and they were able to buy a piece of land that allowed them to finally build a place to call their own!

The Yuman family used to live in a relative’s house that was in poor condition. It had a leaky roof, walls without cement plaster, and it was too small for the whole family.

“I feel really happy and satisfied, my children are also happy. The house looks large, it’s organized and feels fresh, there is not too much heat or cold,” says Hugo. In the future, they are planning to add a garden outside and ceramic tiles to the bathroom.

Hugo explains: “As a family we now enjoy eating and watching TV together.” He continues: “ I was very surprised with the work of the volunteers that came, they had a lot of energy, enthusiasm and dedication.”

“I am forever grateful with the volunteers, they helped us fulfill the dream of having our own house. May God bless them and their children. Here, you have the doors open whenever you want to come again,” says Hugo, in a message to the volunteers.

Cintia Cardona

Cinthia  Cardona lives in Chimaltenango with her granddaughter Ashley (5). Prior to building her home she lived in a small room with her daughter. “Everybody needs their own space, I needed it to improve and feel better,” says Cinthia.

Her sister built a house with the help of  Habitat Guatemala, which is how she learned about their projects and decided to build her own house! “I feel happy, I have my own space, I can welcome everybody I want, read the Bible, listen to music…” Lucia expresses. “I am planning on adding a nice floor, and concrete fence around the house.”

“I remember the volunteers who came and worked really hard. They were really funny and they played with Ashley,” she continued.  “May God bless each one of you, in wherever you may find yourself. You are welcome here whenever you want to come back. We made some memories that will never fade away.”

Vásquez Pérez Family

This happy family of five is living in their new Habitat house in Milpas Altas, Sacatepéquez. Before building their home, Silvia and her husband Cesar, who works as a merchant, lived in a room with his parents with not much space.

Silvia and Cesar have three children, seven-year-old Pamela, five-year-old Carmen and three-year-old Alberto. They wanted to build and have their own home, so when they heard about Habitat, they decided it was a great opportunity.  “A cousin told me about Habitat Guatemala and we started looking for more information. Thank God we have our home, it is a big achievement for us,” says Silvia.

The children, especially the youngest, Alberto,  are really happy with the house because they can play freely with their cousin Brandon who lives nearby. The Vásquez family is planning to add more rooms and a second story in the future. Silvia explains how she feels with her house: “I am really grateful with God, it is a great joy to have a place to call our own.”

“I am grateful for the volunteers who came, because without them it would have been more difficult and would have taken more time to build our house, they were really efficient and friendly. It was a great blessing to share with them, my  greetings and blessings to them,” refers Silvia about the volunteers.


Mónica González Family

Mónica González is a single mother of three children, eleven-year-old José, nine-year-old Valentina and one-year-old María Elisa. Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, she lived with her parents, sharing one room with her three children. For a few months, she rented a small apartment,  but  it was too costly and had to move back in with her parents.  When her dad gave her a piece of land, and told her about Habitat Guatemala, Mónica decided it was time for her family to have their own home.

“One wants to be independent, and when your children start growing they need a place to call their own too,” says Mónica.

She explains how she feels about her house: “I am very happy. This home is a great blessing for me. It’s easy to think that as a single mother you can’t have these opportunities. The process was really easy and fast, and now I have my own house to live in and take care of.”

The González family is planning on adding a garden and another room in the future. She also says: “on Sundays we play soccer and fly kites with my kids. I am at ease because I know they are in a safe place where they feel free.”

Mónica has a picture of the group of volunteers in her living room and has very fond memories of them.  “They were friendly and strong, they worked very hard and it was fun too,” she says, sending a message to the group: “Thank you for all your effort and your love, because you help people you do not know without thinking twice.”



#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving, celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, and the widely recognized shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This day sets of the start of the charitable season.

In Guatemala more than 1.8 million Guatemalan families do not have an adequate house to call their own. That is why for this year’s #GivingTuesday, Habitat for Humanity Guatemala is planning to support some of the families who are affected by the housing deficit. By providing them with different home improvements these families will have the necessary tools to improve their quality of life.


Since 2017, Habitat Guatemala approved a project to work with families who are deemed vulnerable and in impoverished and precarious circumstances, these families  may not otherwise be eligible to own a HFHG home due to their extremely low levels of income. Envisioned as a multi-year project, HFHG will work year to year in order to identify appropriate families of the most vulnerable departments in the country.

We hope that because of this campaign we can provide families  with a safe place to spend the holidays. However, we can’t do it without your help. Support us in raising funds to buy the materials and construction needed for these families. to improve their homes.

Join in, and help us make a difference!

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