Yanida Acevedo – Izabal family farms

The Maldonado family, a resident of the village of Swich Quebrada, Morales, Izabal, was selected for a project to build and deliver family chicken coops to the community.

Until that time, one of the family’s greatest difficulties was to have stable economic resources. This difficulty resulted in the family’s inability to purchase nutritious food.

Through the family chicken coop, the lives of Yanida and her family changed for the better. This project allowed them to have a sustainable source of eggs and chicken meat for self-consumption and sale, transforming their nutrition and strengthening the family’s ability to generate more income.

By creating sustainable change, we can become agents of transformation, uplifting communities and building resilience. We extend our deepest gratitude to the SK2 Fund, which has made this project a reality for the Maldonado family and countless others like them. Your compassion and support have planted seeds of hope and empowerment in their hearts.


Together we can continue to nurture a future where all families can thrive and prosper.

“On behalf of the community, we thank you all for providing us with this project. May God bless us.” – Yanida Acevedo.