Wilmer Aram Family

Wilmer and his mother Juana are now living in their new Habitat home in the department of Sololá, Guatemala. Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala, Wilmer and his mom lived with one of Juana’s brothers. “My brother gave us a little room in which we lived in with Wilmer. It was really small and we did not have enough space for both of us,” explains Juana.

They started thinking about moving to a bigger house and searched for a rental. Yet, when Wilmer found Habitat Guatemala on the internet and did a little research, they decided it would be a better investment to build a house to call their own!

Juana explains how they feel with their new house: “We feel content because now, I can go to church and other places. I have my own key and Wilmer also has his key. We are comfortable going in and out of the house as we please.” They are planning on adding doors to each room and painting the house in the future.

Wilmer likes to play music. He plays the guitar and piano, and now he is free to practice whenever he wants.

About the volunteers, Juana remarks: “The volunteers were really happy and funny, they also shared a lot of ideas on how they build in their country,” she continues, “thank you very much for your help on building our house and the ideas you shared with us. We are very grateful because you worked really hard.”