Water Distribution System – Los Achiotes, Santa Rosa

Habitat Guatemala, alongside Guatemalan NGO Agua del Pueblo and an international donor, formed an alliance to develop a project for the Dry Extended Corridor communities. Its main objective was to give to the community of Los Achiotes access to water, through the restoration of their water supply system.

The lives of 110 families have changed drastically thanks to the implementation of this project. For the past 28 years the community has needed to walk for over 40 minutes, often times twice a day, to fetch water from a water spring to carry out their daily necessities.

One of the beneficiares, Vicky Pensamiento, shares her feelings now that she has running water in her home, “I feel happy! As a women, I suffered a lot because I had to clean the house, wash the clothes, cook… and you need water to do everything! Now we feel free; no more walking to get the water we need.”

The families of Los Achiotes also received different trainings regarding how to maintain the water supply system, water awareness (and conservation), health and hygiene, healthy homes and each family received a Habitat for Humanity Guatemala water filter; making the water potable. Additionally, a Water Committee was created in the community, leaving them with a sustainable and organized structure.

Habitat Guatemala plans to continue implementing projects that address the need of many Guatemalan communities for access to safe water in their homes. Many thanks to all of those who were involved in this project!