The Xep Chuta Family

“To have our own house is a blessing for us,” affirms Wilmer.  A few months ago, he moved with his wife, Brenda, to their new home, which was built by Habitat for Humanity Guatemala volunteers. It was the next step in their relationship after their wedding, and in a way, a continuation of their commitment to one other, a proof of love.

Before, Wilmer and Brenda were living in each of their respective parents’ homes. “We were seven people in my house,” Wilmer says. “I have four siblings. I was sleeping with all of them because we had only two rooms and one kitchen.” As for Brenda, she had been living in a house filled with ten other people. “Neither of us had privacy,” confesses Wilmer. “In the end, it was hard to leave my parent’s house because I always lived there. But I am glad that we moved in together.”

Now, Brenda and Wilmer are living in a house with two bedrooms, one living room, and a kitchen. Wilmer remembers the enthusiasm of the volunteers that came to help them to build their house. The first thing that struck him about them was their eagerness. “They were really kind and helpful,” he says. “We talked together, we sang together during our break. One of them, Kristie was singing La Bamba,” he remembers with a smile. “After the hard work, we took time together to have fun.”

The couple has some plans to continue arranging their house. They want to plant flowers and trees, build a terrace…and hope that in one year, a little baby will be occupying the second bedroom.

Wilmer is contemplative, and remarks that their house “is a blessed place, because we saved some money to have it. It is also a responsibility, to maintain it, to take care of it.”

The couple thanks the group of volunteers for blessing them with their own home. Wilmer has a special message for them: “Keep going, God bless you for your work and your willingness to help your neighbors.”