The Tzul Family

Isabel Tzul lives with her husband, Mario, and their four sons–Mario, Abner, Christian, and Daniel–in the department of Totonicapán, Guatemala. While Mario works as a superintendent of the local school and the four boys are in class, Isabel takes care of her families home and weaves traditional clothing which she sells.

“Before building our home on land that I inherited from my father, we lived about fifteen minutes away on the other side of the mountain.”, Isabel explains. “Our house was old and deteriorating. There was also no way to access it by car so we decided to build our new home here. It is much easier to take care of things where we live now. And thanks to God we are comfortable! Our house is not too hot or too cold.”

“Habitat Guatemala has an office in Totonicapán and we had always heard about them, so we went to the office for information about the house designs. It’s nice that Habitat Guatemala does this work! We chose our design because we have four children who are still growing.”, Isabel continues.

Isabel smiles when she talks about the volunteers who traveled to Guatemala for a week to support the mason she and her family hired to build their home. “Truthfully, it was lovely to have them here! We liked how kind they were. We always remember them and the fundamental role they played in building our home. May God bless them! We think of them every time we look at the photo they gave us.”