The Susana Lopez Family

NEWSLETTER-07Susana (35) and her husband Otto (40) of San Rafael de las Flores are proud new owners of a sanitary latrine. Efico-100Otto supports his family as a day labourer, working on various surrounding plantations during times of harvest. Susana and Otto live with their four children: Suseli (16), Marlo (15), Jamie (9), and Alexi (2).

Their new latrine was constructed in late 2013 by Otto himself. It provides the family with more privacy, dignity, and hygiene. Susana, Otto, and their family are grateful for these iprovements in their lives.

In July of 2014 a deadly 6.9 magnitude earthquake shook the department of San Marcos. Despite its magnitude, their Habitat-designed latrine survived the quake. Because the members of San Rafael were involved in building their latrines, they understand how to care for and maintain their new home improvements.