The Solis Family

Alejandra Solis and her family are happy to be living in their new Habitat Guatemala home in Tecpán. Before building their home, she and her husband, who works for a local business, lived with her mother. Alejandra and Elvis have three children so they wanted more space for their family. “I learned about Habitat Guatemala on Facebook,” Alejandra explains. “We were living with my mother, but wanted our own house. My father gave me the land and so we decided we were ready.”

And, with Habitat Guatemala, Alejandra and her family now have their own home. Alejandra’s relatives live across the street and her children David, Dillon, and Ami love running back and forth between the two houses and playing games with their cousins.

“We moved in at the end of February.”, Alejandra continues. “Moving was difficult, but we are so happy to be living here now. It’s much more comfortable.” The family is already making the house a home; a painting by 11 year old David decorates the kitchen wall and compliments the color tablecloths and curtains. “I hope to paint the outside of the house yellow soon.”, Alejandra shares.

“I am grateful for the volunteers who helped us because we were able to move into our home a little faster, thanks to them.”, Alejandra concludes happily.