The Silvia Castillo Family

Silvia, her adult daughters, Argentina and Arlen and their children Gregory (19), Anthony (19), Cathy(19), Marla (16) and Payton (7) live in the town of San Juan Ostuncalco. We met with Argentina who shared with us how the family is doing since the recent build. “We had been praying that God would provide a way for us to build a house because a lot of water would get into the old house and it was in disrepair.” “God gave us this blessing, we didn’t think, or imagine that this would be the result of that prayer.”

Argentina walks us through each room of the house, and it’s beautiful from the cedar panel finishing on the roof to the children’s individually decorated rooms, it is obvious that the family is proud to have such a lovely home. “The children are young adults and need their own space now, Gregory and Anthony share a room, Marla and Payton have a room, Arlen and her daughter Cathy share a room and Argentina shares a room with her mother, Silvia—everyone fits. For the kitchen space, they still use the kitchen in the old house, which is just 3 meters from the back door, and hope to add a kitchen to the new space in time.

To the volunteers who came, Argentina says, “thank you, we really pray that God would bless you. The word of God says that if it’s even a glass of cold water you give to the least of these that God would bless you. You came from far to do this work and to help us and it was a great help. We know you care for us in a special way and we are very happy to have your love and friendship.”