Sheila Alvarado Family

Sheila, her husband Jorge and son, Alexis (4) live in Baja Vera Paz. Jorge is a distributor, and she is a homemaker, taking care of Alexis during the day.

The couple have been in their current Habitat home for a year now. The house sits adjacent to the home of Sheila’s mother. Prior to building their home, the family was renting and when Sheila and Jorge found the program through Habitat, it was Sheila’s mother who gifted her a plot of land so they could build their home.

Sheila shares, “we really wanted this home because we wanted to put our money into something that is ours, rather than using that money to pay rent for a house that would never be our own.” It is apparent how Sheila feels. When asked, “how do you feel having your own house?” She responds, “staying in a house that is not your own is not the same, now we feel so happy! We are so grateful to God for my mom and for the opportunity to build with Habitat because now what we have is truly our own.”

When asked about her plans for the home, she says: “We’re thinking about fencing the house, but much later, for now we are just enjoying it, I love everything about this house, it is ours, and here I am very happy.”

Of the group of volunteers, Sheila remembers, “they were very kind, helpful and did not hesitate to help and work alongside my family and the builders.” Sheila still has a photo of the group and shares, “I’m so grateful to know you, for the company that you came and gave and for your friendship, to come so far and to help us here in Guatemala. We care so much for you all and hope you are very well.”