The Olga Esperanza Juarez Family

Olga Esperanza Juarez2

Twenty years ago, Olga was 12 years old. Her parents partnered with Habitat Guatemala to construct one of the first Habitat homes in Guatemala.

Fast-forward twenty years, and 32-year-old Olga is the strong mother of a daughter and twin boys. She was living all that time in her mother’s home, which was well-kept with pride. But with at least 9 people in the mix, things were cramped.

So to relieve the space issue, Olga decided to partner with Habitat Guatemala, just like her mother did 20 years prior.

“Now, we bring in the TV and watch together,” says Olga. “Before, we couldn’t do that. You just can’t when everybody wants to do their own thing. There was no space. Now, it’s really spacious.”


And that same pride that her mother took in her home has been passed down, all the way to Olga’s 11-year-old daughter Dallana. “She says, ‘this is my room, this is my door,’” explains Olga. “Before, she left her clothes scattered around her room. Now, everything’s all organized.”

The new house also features something that the architects have done specially in Retalhuleu. Around the house, one meter from the ground, there is a sort of “splash zone” that, because of Reu’s rainy climate, prevents water from penetrating the concrete. It makes the home last longer, and insures the integrity of the building.

Olga is very thankful for the volunteer team and sends her warmest wishes and greetings.

Olga and her family are happy to be in their new place, happy for the opportunity to create something of their own. With the help of Habitat Guatemala, they’ve been able to succeed in creating their own space, and they’ve been inspired to think about what changes they’d like to continue making in the future.

Olga Esperanza Juarez

Olga Esperanza Juarez3

One of the twins couldn't muster staying awake during a boring grown-up conversation.

One of the twins couldn’t muster staying awake during a boring grown-up conversation.