The Migdalia and Jorge Family


Migdalia’s story starts in her parents’ house, where she was “constantly depending on them.”

“They gave us a space,” says Migdalia, “and they helped out with paying the bills and sharing the responsibilities.” Migdalia’s husband, Jorge Luis Batz, was working as a driver, and their baby, Luna, was growing up.

“In the beginning it’s easy,” says Migdalia, as her 4-year-old daughter clings to her arm. “But later, not so much. My baby was growing!”

The young couple, even as a married independent unit, was still depending on mom and dad simply because of the circumstances of shared housing. Migdalia didn’t like it. She wasn’t free. And she had been wanting to build a house for five years, until finally she applied to Habitat for Humanity Guatemala.

Migdalia remembers the construction of the house, and how little Luna was already pointing to rooms and claiming her space. “She said, ‘that’s going to be my room!'”


“We are really happy,” says Migdalia, “not everybody has the blessing of having their own home. It was a dream we had for a long time. Thanks to all the volunteers who were really friendly, for working together with us and helping us realize the dreams we had. We hope they’re all good, may God bless their lives.”

“We’re still going to paint the house,” says Migdalia. “And put up formal doors and put in a wooden ceiling.”

Now, Migdalia and her family are living a quiet, content life independently. They are located at the end of a long driveway surrounded by fields. It’s quiet at their place. And the family is free to continue growing.