Smokeless Stove: Silvia Chocón

Silvia lives with her husband Edwin and their son Darwin (5) in a small community in Chimaltenango. Edwin works in the fields and Silvia takes good care of Darwin and the house chores.

Before receiving her smokeless stove, Silvia used to cook over an open flame, that made it uncomfortable for her.

Now, with her new stove she says: “The new stove has helped me a lot, it is safer. There is no more smoke inside,” she continues, “and most important, it saves wood and gives me enough time to cook all my meals at the same time.”

Silvia still remembers the day that the volunteers came to build her stove, “It was a fun day! They were really nice” she continues, “Thank you for your support, I encourage you to keep on helping all the families in need.”