Smokeless Stove: Roselia Pirir

Roselia (23) and her husband Mynor (24) live in the community of el Rajón, Chimaltenango. The young couple has recently celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary. While Mynor works in agriculture, Roselia is a homemaker.

Mynor explains how partnering with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala to implement a smokeless stove has improved aspects of their family’s daily life: “Roselia used to cook over an open flame, there was a lot of smoke that caused her throat to ache,” he continues, “With the new one, she feels happy, it heats evenly and saves a lot of wood too.”

Mynor shares that they both feel content with the stove, it has space to sit around and eat freshly made tortillas!

They still treasure the day spent with the volunteers! “Thank you all for your support, may God bless you wherever you are.”