Smokeless Stove: Rosalía Yaxón

Rosalía lives with her three children, Jackelyn (8) Jennifer (6), Jorge (2) and her aunt’s family in a small community in Chimaltenango. Rosalía’s husband has recently died, and she weaves traditional women clothes to make a living and support her children.

Before receiving her smokeless stove, Rosalía used to cook on an old stove that was in bad conditions and did not permit the smoke to go outside the kitchen, causing her and her children respiratory diseases.

Rosalía’s reality has change a lot since her stove was built, “I feel  content with it, now I do not need to buy wood so often because I only use two pieces or less to cook all my food.”

She finishes with a message to the volunteers: “Thank you all for your support in building my stove, may God bless you.”