Smokeless Stove: Lucrecia Camey

Doña Lucky lives with her husband Paulino and their three children, Moises (20), Genesis (11) and Carlos (6), in a small community in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. While Lucky takes care of the children, Paulino works in agriculture to make a living.

Before receiving a smokeless stove, Lucky used to cook on a “pollo”, an open flame stove that they built. “The smoke affected my eyes really bad, also my lungs,” says Lucky.

Lucky feels happy and content with her stove, she says: “It works really well, and has plenty of space to cook my tortillas and the rest of the food all at once,” she continues; “it saves many wood too, now I only use two or three pieces to cook.”

When asked about the day of construction, Lucky explains: “It was a fun day, my children are still missing them!” she continues;  “May all of you receive our greetings, thank you for building my stove.”