Smokeless Stove – Evelin Sacuj

Evelin, her husband, Wenseslao and their two daughters, Margarita (4) and  Beverly (1) are currently living in a small community in Sololá. Her husband works as a tailor, while Evelin is a homemaker, caring for their two daughters.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala to receive her smokeless stove, Evelin used to cook on a gas stove. When the family did not have money to buy gas, Evelin would go and cook at her mother-in-law’s house. Evelin shared, “Now, with my own stove, I can cook whatever I want without worrying about anyone.” The biggest change has been the money they are saving. The family no longer needs to buy wood often because of the design of the stove.

Evelin explains that her favorite meal to prepare is “beans with tortilla.” For the group that came to help build their stove, Evelin sends this message, “Thank you all for your support. May God bless you!”