Smokeless Stove – Catarina Tzoc

Catarina, her husband, Rene, and their five children, Angela (17),  Axel (14), Kimberly (13), Katherine (9) and Sergio (7) are currently living in a small community in Sololá. While Rene works in agriculture, Catarina is a homemaker.

By being part of the Local Women Committee in her community, Catarina is always looking for projects and ways to support themselves, that is how she found out about Habitat Guatemala’s stoves project.  Before receiving her smokeless stove, Catarina used to cook on a stove that she built with blocks. Catarina shared, “I built the old one by myself to be able to cook. The new one is very pretty! I feel very happy with it. It saves wood. I only need one or two branches to cook all my meals,” she continues, “We are planning to fix the kitchen space in the future.”

Catarina finishes by sharing a message to the volunteers; “We had a really fun time with all of them! Thank you for your support. We send our greetings. I encourage you to continue supporting communities like ours. May God bless you!”