Smokeless Stove: Blanca López

Blanca lives with her husband Clemente, and seven of their children; Luisa (27),  Patrocinia (22), Samuel (19), Jeremías (17), Santiago (12), Francisco (10) and Noé (1) and their granddaughter Aurora (3) in a small community in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. While José works in agriculture, María is a home maker.

She explains how partnering with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala to implement a smokeless stove has improved aspects of her family’s daily life: “I used to cook on a stove that was 12 years old, it had cracks in it causing the smoke to be all around my kitchen.” she continues, “I feel happy with the new one! It is working fine.”

Blanca explains that with her new stove she has enough space to cook all their meals at the same time, allowing them to save wood too!

She wants to send a message to the volunteers; “May God bless you for your support, Thank you!”