Smokeless Stove: Ana Sequen

Ana lives with her husband José, and their four children, Yessi (9), Jorge (7), Berny (7), and José Jr (2) in a small community in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. While José works in agriculture, María takes good care of the children.

She explains how partnering with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala to implement a smokeless stove has improved aspects of her family’s daily life: “I used to cook on a big pan on an open flame,” she continues; “My new stove is working really well, I feel very content with it, it has improved our health.”

Ana explains that with her new stove she has enough space to cook all their meals at the same time, “I can prepare my tortillas, beans and rice all at once and save wood too. I do not have to buy it so often now.”

She feels very happy with her stove and sends a message to the volunteers: “We enjoyed the day that they came to visit us,” she continues, “receive my greetings, feel welcome to come whenever you want!”