Sanitary Latrine – María Pichol Morales

María lives with her husband Francisco, and their six children, Juan (15), José (13), Lidy (12), Angélica (9), Juana (6), and Ana (3) in a small community in Sololá.  While Francisco works in the fields, María takes care of the children and weaves traditional clothes and accessories for extra income.

Before partnering with Habitat Guatemala to receive the family’s sanitary latrine, María explains that they shared one latrine with eleven relatives, and it was in poor conditions.

María is pleased with new her sanitary latrine, “I feel happy with my latrine, I do not have to worry anymore if any other relative is using it. We have our own privacy now.” – she says.

Her greatest impression was with the group of volunteers, she shares; “We felt really happy when we found out volunteers were coming to help us. We prepared all the materials, and we had a great time, it was very fun to work with them.”

She finishes by sharing a message to the volunteers, “Thank you all for your support. We feel very happy as a family.  Receive our greetings!” – María.