The Osbelly Delganes Luna Family

ereckosbellydelganeslunaAna Jasmin Rano Peña (20) and her husband, Ereck (26) are expecting their first child together. This morning, between cleaning up her kitchen from breakfast and chatting with us, she is preparing for the latest doctor’s checkup. As she speaks, she rubs her tummy nonchalantly. She smiles when we ask her about the baby. “We’re really looking forward to building a family.”

Before looking into Habitat for Humanity Guatemala, Ana and her husband were cramped for space and were looking to move. “We lived my mom and nephew, in a tiny room. It’s only ten minutes away from the new house, which is great, because we have family close by. But not that close!” laughs Ana. “I wanted the experience of my own house; I had never had one to myself before.”

ereckosbellydelganesluna_kitchen bedroom






Ana’s family was the group that introduced her to Habitat for Humanity Guatemala. All of her siblings previously applied for and received sustainable housing solutions in the Zacapa district. When they heard about the positive experiences, Ana and Ereck decided to give it a try.

The experiment has paid off. After living in the Amway Colony for the past nine months, Ana loves living in a close community. “It’s a beautiful experience.” She also loves the changes to her daily routine. “I have more time and can enjoy it, too. I look forward to planting flowers, to arranging the house any way I would like.”

Ana also has kind words for the Amway volunteers who worked on her house:

“The volunteers helped us so much; and they were so much fun! May Habitat continue building dreams, because a dream is a home.”